Faces of The Purple Parade

Introducing our Faces of The Purple Parade!

Alister Ong

Despite the disability, I can make a difference because of the joy within me. Overcoming this disability becomes my strength, bringing hope to others.

Allan Cai

Try your best, be happy and never give up.

Ammar "Ameezy"

To have me, a deaf director, direct a film with other artists with disabilities. I felt that we owned it, we owned our disability.

Chen Ziyue

I later learnt that I could connect with people through art and knew that it was what I wanted to do, eventually creating illustrations for children’s books. I’ve intended to illustrate my personal story to share my learning journey and have it published someday.

Fern Wong

I express my joy through art and feel very happy when people like my artwork - it's like sharing my joy.

Glenn Phua

Drawing has opened the world, for me. I'm proud to share my art with people.

Goh Jin Kian

Born with Down Syndrome yet wholesome in so many ways. Happiness is seeing him going to work everyday_feeling included and supported at his workplace. - Margaret Goh, Jin Kian's Mother

Isabelle Lim

As a Deaf artist, photography is my voice. Seeing through silence, capturing precious moments is what defines my ability, my disability is secondary.

Jason Chee

With this medal, I hope to inspire people, that despite losing so many things, life still goes on.

Jason Goh

A full-time job gives me lots of confidence and a sense of pride in being able to contribute. I know that I belong here.

Jonathan Tiong

Disabled people aren’t looking for a free ride. All we want is a shot at proving ourselves in whatever field we’re in.

Kiran Raj s/o S Vanu

Going to work makes me feel happy. I enjoy learning new things and talking to my friends.

Maximillian Tan

Through sports I learned many valuable life-skill lessons like resilience, time management, teamwork and most importantly, being respectful and that victory is to be celebrated and failures are opportunities to learn from.

Quek Ming Yi

The me onstage is different from the me offstage. My onstage persona is more formal and immersed, while I am rather laidback and casual around my friends. I put on a serious and professional side of myself when I'm performing with the orchestra.

See Toh Sheng Jie

I love dinosaurs and will draw and create dino figurines.

Stephanie Ow

My dream is to travel the world with my erhu and inspire other visually-impaired persons to pursue their dreams.

Syed Shahidir

I love numbers and I am happy that it helps me earn money to give to my parents, and buy the things that I like. I can also make many friends when I work.

Tan Guan Heng

The blind are not just there to be pitied and led by the sighted. They can contribute to society too.

Theresa Goh

We all have a role to play, whether it is big or small. When creating a world with persons with disabilities in mind, it is also important to include us in the planning.

Wan Wai Yee

I love hearing the applause at the end of a performance. Though cannot see the audience, I feel heard and appreciated.

Yip Pin Xiu

It was only when I started swimming and joined the national team did I realise that there are many people with disabilities in Singapore that are living their lives to the fullest, and can do the same things as everyone else.

Zohra Fathima

Disabled people have dreams and aspirations too - we don't just work to keep ourselves busy, which is what many people assume.


For more information about The Purple Parade or how you can support the movement, reach us at joinus@purpleparade.sg.