Chang Zi En

Zi En shares his feelings while waiting backstage, “Every time I’m backstage waiting for my turn to perform, I do get very excited, but nervous as well. It’s always the same feeling. Usually, I say a prayer… calm myself down. Where possible I would catch glimpses of my friends onstage - I love watching them perform their pieces.

I play the xylophone and also the piano. Sometimes, I play solo piano pieces and other times with other musicians in an Ensemble or orchestra. Yes, I am usually a little more nervous with solo performances, and a lot calmer when we play together. Why? Because it’s just feels like we’re playing as a big family. Whether we are alone or together, there’s that precious moment when we get onstage to the cheers of the audience - that always makes me feel so happy because I know that I can play for them and even see their happy faces as I perform.

The Purple Symphony members, to me, are musicians in a big family. Like my family. But with music.”



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