Li Jun Qi

Jun Qi, our percussionist, reveals, “Long hands. That’s what you need to play the xylophone. It’s why I think my instructor recommended it to me - because I have long hands to manoeuvre between the long stretch of wooden bars. Playing mallet instruments is tricky, because you need to hit the right place with the right amount of strength, at the right time. I first started playing the xylophone in 2015 when I joined the Music Ensemble CCA in Pathlight School. Yes, it’s what I play in The Purple Symphony’s Percussion section - and I really enjoy it.

My favourite piece? The Lonely Goatherd from The Sound of Music. Do you know, I first heard the song when I watched the movie with my parents at home? I was in Primary School then, and it’s one of my favourite moments in The Sound of Music. And now I can play it. And do you know that I just played it with The Purple Symphony in the recent Mash-Up video? It’s such a fun song!”

Watch The Lonely Goatherd by The Purple Symphony in the link below!



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