Ng Kok Wee

Our Dizi musician, Kok Wee enthuses, “My favourite NDP song? ‘HOME’! That's the song that tells me no matter how tough life can be, home is still where we find our best support. That means, Singapore is the best home. You know, usually I spend National Day watching the live telecast of the parade on TV with my family. But in 2017, I did something extra! I got to perform with The Purple Symphony Ensemble at NDP itself! From then on, THAT has become my favourite National Day memory.

Yes, I have another favourite song. It's titled 鸿雁  which means ‘Swan Geese’. It’s a Chinese folk song that I played during Singapore Chinese Orchestra’s mega concert in 2014, ‘Our People, Our Music’. I liked it from the first moment I heard it and after practising with friends, I LOVE it. There, two of my favourite songs.”



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