Orion Ang

Orion expresses his love for his daddy, “I think my dad’s my superhero. He’s my biggest inspiration. He’s the one who taught me to play the French Horn. Did you know that we performed together for the first time at The Purple Symphony’s Annual Concert just last year? My favourite pieces from the concert? “When You Believe” and “The Rainbow Connection”. If I can ever dedicate a song I’m playing to somebody, it’ll be to my daddy. Actually, he was also the one who got me playing with others.

I began playing the French Horn at the end of Primary Four and now I’m also learning to play the piano. I’m still more comfortable with the Horn because I don’t have to stretch my fingers and it’s easier to read the score, one note at a time. I’ve really had a lot of fun memories with the Horn. If I get to choose an instrument all over again, guess what I’ll pick? The French Horn!”



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