Kiran Raj

Purple, Gold, and Me - Receiving a gold medal is something Kiran never imagined he could achieve, but it became a reality when he turned 24 years old. Having trained to play Bocce for the past 8 years, Kiran has worked and trained hard to be the best he can. And in 2017, he won the much-coveted Gold Medal for his outstanding performance in the Special Olympics Singapore’s National Games.

Kiran has had epileptic attacks since he was 2 and a half years old and. He was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay, with affected cognitive and motor skills. He explains that it was at first a “huge heartbreak” for his family. But they never gave up on him and supported him to be who he is today, shared Kiran, now 25 years old.

It is no surprise that his motivation and inspiration come from his main channels of support – his loving family. Kiran’s mother and sister are his main caregivers, who have seen through his toughest moments from his first epileptic attacks till today. He recounts fondly that his childhood was filled with love and affection from his family. And this has empowered and encouraged Kiran to explore his strengths and find his passion in playing Bocce.

Kiran has shown that nothing is impossible for someone who is determined to excel. Regardless of one’s limitations, he or she can contribute something to society. An active participant of The Purple Parade movement since 2013 until today, he hopes to inspire fellow PWD athletes and many others to never give up. Kiran is also flying the flag of inclusivity in the Indian community which is something he’s very proud of.

Indeed, Kiran carries the message of hope not just as a gold medallist, but advocates for inclusivity as a Face of The Purple Parade. Kiran continues to embody what the colour Purple means for him: vibrancy, happiness, and having the heart to unite people.



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