Luke Kang

Luke reflects on his choice of instrument, "I think it's fate that I ended up playing the Zhongruan. I know, you're probably thinking 'What instrument is that?' You can imagine it as a Chinese guitar, which is also an alternative way of referring to the Zhongruan.

My father was the one who ignited my love for the Zhongruan. When I was 7, he introduced me to a Zhongruan ensemble group at school. I liked the way the instrument sounded, yes, but it wasn't until I was playing the Zhongruan on stage for the very first time (at the Esplanade!) that I was overwhelmed with wonderful feelings. That was the moment when I realised that this instrument was The One for me.

My favourite piece of music is the Bach Cello Suite No.1 - Prelude. You know what's really interesting? It's a classical music piece, but I first came across a video of someone playing it with a Zhongruan. And there was no turning back – I knew I had to learn the piece! Subsequently, I performed it at my school's Teacher's Day celebrations in 2018."



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