Zachary Tan

Zachary muses, "It's usually love at first sight, but for me, it was love at first sound.

When I was little, my parents brought me to the Singapore Symphony Orchestra's Concerts for Children. I can still recall it vividly even now – the moment the orchestra started playing, the violinists caught my attention. The tranquil, delicate notes were music to my ears. That started my lifelong relationship with the violin.

Another memory I have of music was when I was in Primary 3. My teacher was plaing a video for the class to watch when Pachelbel's Canon in D came on. I was immediately hooked. I later tried to recreate the melody by ear as I did not have the score. To my pleasant surprise, I could actually play it rather accurately!

But if I could choose my instrument all over again, I would probably pick up the drums. Drums are more modern and seems easier to play as compared to the violin – basically something completely different from the violin, you know?"



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