Quek Ming Yi

Ming Yi has an onstage alter ego, "The me onstage is different from the me offstage. My onstage persona is more formal and immersed, especially so when I'm performing solo. While I am rather laidback and casual around my friends, I put on a serious and professional side of myself when I'm performing with the orchestra.

Thinking back, I have my mother to thank for the opportunity to be playing in The Purple Symphony. She was the one who inspired me to join this amazing family of musicians. Another person I'm thankful for is Mr Ngoh Kheng Seng, my instructor. He helped me to improve my movement technique by leaps and bounds, shaping me into the drummer I am today.

Outside of practice, I can probably be found watching Minecraft or Pokemon-related videos on Youtube. Or maybe ideating and drawing human figures to hone my skills in drawing lifelike figures in action, which I will then upload onto Instagram! "



For more information about The Purple Parade or how you can support the movement, reach us at joinus@purpleparade.sg.