Judy Wee

Live Your Dream - There’s nothing Judy Wee can’t do. She swims, even participated in the Malaysia Paralympic Games, is the Executive Director of the Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore) and a recipient of the Public Service Medal (PBM). What she won’t do, is let her physical disability stop her from living her dream.

Born with congenital deformity of her limbs, you would think that Judy would have been sheltered from ‘normal’ life. This could not be further from the truth. Her parents brought her up no different from her siblings.

Attending mainstream school and doing chores like washing, cooking and cleaning empowered her with the essentials skills she needed to know to be independent. Going for swims on the weekends at Changi Beach enabled her to pursue her passion for sports and win a gold medal later on in her life.

However, even though Judy’s parents could see beyond her disabilities, if society couldn’t, none of it would matter. Landing her first job was a challenge as interviewers saw what she couldn’t do, instead of what she could, but did she did secure a job eventually after “not through pulling strings, but pulling cables”. That’s why she believes in never giving up, encouraging people with disabilities to be independent and making the most out of their abilities.

It’s also why Judy has made it her life’s work to promote an accessible built environment, where all people, including those with disabilities can participate in activities, without barriers. She is proudest of being involved in the transformation of Singapore into a more accessible city state for people with disabilities, the elderly and even children in prams, working with government agencies to make this happen.

The Purple Parade supports the inclusion and celebrate abilities of People with Disabilities, a mission that is very close to Judy’s heart as well. Purple to her, represents dignity and with that, no matter who you are or what your abilities may be, you can live your dream too.



For more information about The Purple Parade or how you can support the movement, reach us at joinus@purpleparade.sg.