Timothy Lee

The World is His Stage - Winner of the Goh Chok Tong Enabler Award in 2019, Timothy Lee or Timmy for short, takes all the roles in life very seriously, and with wonderful flair.

Timmy is a local actor on the MediaCorp Channel 5 television hit drama series “KIN”. He loves to bring out his artistic talents and develop his creativity through acting. He spends a regular day on set with his fellow cast members at Mediacorp. However, beyond the glamour of his career, he constantly faces one of his greatest challenges – memorising scripts and working alongside other professional actors.

Timmy’s can-do attitude in the face of challenges eventually allowed him to master the role given. It was a proud moment for him. Just like how actors having a supporting cast, he too, has great support off-screen from his parents, teachers and supporters.

His mother is a significant pillar of strength. She is his life coach, teacher, and manager. Not only do they work together, they enjoy shopping together too. She has been his number one supporter since day one and has guided him throughout his acting journey. Timmy would not have been able to memorise the scripts if not for her help and encouragement.

For Timmy, nothing is impossible! Though life may be tough, he believes we all need to find ways to unleash our hidden potentials and talents. Off camera, Timmy enjoys dancing and rewarding himself with all sorts of delicious food.

It is no wonder that Timmy treats the world as his stage. He always tries to enjoy the opportunities before him in this journey called life. Regardless of his role – an actor, a son, a friend – he does his very best to excel at them all.



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