Choo Jun Wei

Where music and love are known as our universal language, Jun Wei finds his voice and place in the world through his passion as a symphony musician and pride as a loving son. 

Jun Wei has always struggled with expressing himself properly since young. But when his parents sent him to art and music class at the age of 4, he discovered resonance in the latter. Sensitive to loud noises like thunder or balloons bursting, Jun Wei found comfort playing in the symphony band, specifically the French Horn – an instrument he was assigned to after joining his secondary school's symphony band. The instrument then accompanied him through his musical career, from playing in the ITE band to the Purple Symphony band. 

That was where he met Mr Quek, the Purple Symphony band’s conductor, as well as Jun Wei’s inspiration for the musical arts. Explaining that it was Mr Quek’s passion and creativity that pushes his ambition to become a similar artiste as his mentor, today, Jun Wei sets his goal on becoming the next star musician. 

As the only son in the family, Jun Wei also aims to make enough a living to take care of his parents. Recognising them as his two main pillars of support, Jun Wei looks to give back to all the times they accompanied him from his classes to therapy, and for supporting him financially and emotionally. When they found out their son was diagnosed with moderate autism, a language developmental delay when he was three, Jun Wei’s parents directed their complete attention to caring for their child. His mother had resigned from her work to look after him full-time and his father would accompany for parent training classes to help out at home. 

Now, where his parents once guided him around, Jun Wei brings them around to discover new places he has grown familiar with. He also enjoys the company of many new friends, savours the routine of strolling home after his work as a store assistant at “The Animal Project”, and most importantly, surrounds himself with the thing that brings him most confidence and excitement: music.



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