Goh Jun Heng

Jun Heng shares his favourite piece of music, "It has to be Clair De Lune by Claude Debussy. I came across this number several times before learning how to replicate it on the piano. While I can't recall all the specific instances when I heard it, I remember this one clearly: I was visiting Gardens by the Bay with my family. There was a special event happening, where bright lights and colourful exhibits were peppered across the Gardens. Then, Clair De Lune filled my ears. I was hooked.

Although the score was challenging, I was bent on mastering this piece of music. Back then, I had weekly piano sessions on Sundays and my tutor helped to guide me through the more difficult sessions of the piece. I practised it, small portion by small portion, until finally I could play it in its entirety.  #achievementunlocked

Now, in The Purple Symphony, I play the xylophone. I knew that the xylophone was meant for me when I first played it – I could play it as easily as I played the piano!"



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