Siti Sakinah

A birthday wish for Singapore by Sakinah, "It’s so much more fun practising with the orchestra. We used to play together at weekly rehearsals but now, we can’t. Yes, I really miss our rehearsals and gatherings.

Just like 'Together, A Stronger Singapore', individually, we can only do so much - I can make good music alone with the piano - but when we combine our efforts, like in an orchestra, everything sounds so much richer and gives more variety to expressions that the piano alone cannot bring; likewise, together we can achieve so much more given the diversity and difference in experience that each brings to the table.

My wish for Singapore’s 55th birthday is that persons with disabilities can be meaningfully integrated into the society including employment opportunities – for companies to realise the value that we can still bring, and to be recognised as individuals who are equally productive and capable. "



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