Steady Goh

He is as ready to enjoy life as his name suggests. 

A self-named and self-taught blind guitarist, “Steady” Goh finds happiness and fulfilment through the wonderful sounds he enjoys most –  games, applause and music. A gig musician, Steady’s typical day includes him preparing and practising for an event or show he has been engaged for. Other days, he conducts guitar lessons with his students.

Having heard others play the instrument several times during picnics and gatherings, being able to play the guitar was just a wishful dream that lived in Steady’s head. That was until he got the instrument when he was 18. Since then, he was often accompanied with a radio that played all his favourite songs, and his beloved guitar, which he channelled great time and effort to practise and pluck. 

Everything paid off. He passed an audition for a guitar performance and had the chance to play in Chinese lounges (music cafes popular in the 80s and 90s). 20 years in as a performer, he even had his very first mini concert on 31 December 2022, strumming tunes before an audience of 70. On this journey, he was also able to meet several xinyao* singers, befriending and connecting with each other through their love for singing and performing. 

Steady is also a facilitator of the course, “Understanding and Interacting with People of Disabilities” to educate the public on the practical knowledge and assistive technology that helps the disabled community be more independent. He is an avid runner of Runninghour as well. Originally a “chair” man who did not exercise, joining Runninghour in 2012 brought Steady back his fitness and transformed him into someone athletic. Since then, he has completed three half-marathons and several 10km races.

Steady looks back at his childhood with warm fondness. He remembers constantly running and jumping about when he studied in the School for the Blind for his Primary education, and reminiscences on the injuries and scolding he got from his mischief. While his family is his main pillar of strength, it was at school that Steady was treated and had fun like any normal boy. Many years later, Steady now enjoys this sentiment as both a performer and a runner.

*Mandarin ballads that were composed, written and performed by Singaporean youths



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