Eric Chen

“I am Small but Mighty” It is no small surprise that the late founding father of Singapore, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, who transformed tiny Singapore into a mighty global nation, is Eric’s biggest inspiration.

For 37-year-old Eric, the story of modern Singapore turning her limitations into opportunities is also the same spirit that inspired him to be confident of his abilities as a person on the autism spectrum to thrive in a multi-faceted world.

Eric understands that while he is different from others, it is not an obstacle to success. Just as tiny Singapore sought independence from the British to so that she can thrive with her own unique way, Eric encourages people like himself to become adventurers who create their own unique paths to success instead of measuring themselves against the expectations of others.

Just as Singapore reaches out to the world and forges beneficial partnerships through her unique strengths, Eric seeks to value-add to those around him with his unique abilities. Eric is often the go-to guru for his peers’ computer problems and his part-time course-mates on their lesson materials. He carries this spirit towards collaborating with other stakeholders in the autism community.

As a deeply spiritual person who also believes in a pragmatic approach, Eric uses his life experiences as his inspiration to become an enabler for an inclusive and harmonious community where everyone is celebrated for using their abilities to work together for a better world.

Believing that people like himself must first become the change that they seek, he co-founded the only public WhatsApp network and autism forum led by persons on the autism spectrum. As the only leadership coach on the autism spectrum in Singapore, Eric has also published three books promoting autism awareness.

“There was a time when people said that Singapore won’t make it, but we did.” – Hugh Harrison. That is Eric’s message of inspiration to all who celebrate diversity. Small, but mighty indeed.



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