Tham Yin May

Music can Touch the World - What is a (Purple) Parade without music? For singer-songwriter, award-winning copywriter and former Associate Creative Director Tham Yin May, music is her way of raising awareness of social causes. It is also how she connects with her daughter Vera, who suffers from the life-limiting condition, Trisomy 18.

Vera was born with this rare condition, but the love of her father who took nine months of no-pay leave to help look after her enabled Yin May overcome her grief. Things took a turn for the worse when she suffered some regression from an illness in 2016, further limiting her mobility.

The recovery and extended time given to her child since then, has ‘yinspired’ Yin May, a term she coined. It has guided her towards her purpose - to collaborate with filmmakers and music producers to create music videos that amplify the message of various causes.

As a former adwoman, Yin May understands the power of communication. As a mother of a child who has no way of verbal communication due to her multiple disabilities, Yin May is her voice, and what a voice she has.

She started singing and songwriting at the age of 14 and knew she had a knack for it, but instead chose to pursue a career in advertising. 17 years later and a daughter with multiple disabilities changed all of that. With a child and a cousin part of the disability community, Yin May is here to share the music her experience has 'yinspired' her to write.

When it comes to inclusivity, Yin May believes in starting with who you know. Get to know just ONE person with a disability, get to know him or her and put your skills together to create something you are both proud of. That’s when you will see that ability shines beyond disability. Through the power of music and movement, we can touch the world.



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