Ng Tung Hei

Tung Hei shares her weekly routine, “Four hours everyday. That’s how much I practise at home, two hours on the viola, and two on the piano. My favourite corner to practise at home is my bedroom! It’s cozy! So my music room is also my bedroom.

It’s quite different practising at home as compared to a rehearsal session. I like it that I can practise in a comfortable rhythm. With the whole orchestra, we have to be very focused and in sync. There is a lot of hard work involved - sometimes sweat and tears too. I feel great when I finally get the right intonation, rhythm and good control of the bow all at the same time. And these are just the basics!

Playing music beautifully together is the challenge. But I know we can do it. Also, I just feel happy when I can play music with others. It makes me feel more self-confident and I can show my parents and friends that I can do something great. Yes, music practice can be very tiring - physically and mentally! So for some relaxing and quiet time, I like to sit on the massage chair whenever I can.”



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