Jasmin Seah

Evident from the post-it-filled fridge door that maps out the schedule of the entire family, Jasmin is the steward to the clockwork system that perfectly organises the hectic at home. With that said, despite also being a business owner of 12 years, Jasmin still finds that the health and happiness of her two boys are her greatest achievement – especially for her son, Kaden. 

While suspected to be a child with special needs at the age of 3 due to being non-verbal, Kaden was only officially diagnosed with Autism when he was 5 during his enrolment into the intervention program in Autism Resource Centre (Singapore), after coming back from Australia. The early stages of getting used to his condition was a flurry of adapting and crisis management, but through it all, both Kaden and his family’s pillars of support never wavered. Relatives gave their unconditional love, constantly including him in activities adjusted for his comfort; close friends of Jasmin and her husband constantly offered a listening ear; and when Kaden required additional attention, their long-time Indonesian helper contributed significantly to taking care of Kairos, the younger son of the family. 

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child – and both Kaden and his village are clearly a force to be reckoned with. He has since been able to sit still for haircuts when he originally hated it, play the birthday song on the piano when he used to resent the tune, lead the adding of “yusheng” ingredients when he once disliked the act of tossing the prosperity salad…the list goes on. The Kaden described by his loved ones today is of a respectful, kind and joyful boy. 

If tireless actions reaped rewards, Kaden’s wonderful growth is the result of a well-paved path – built to let the child move at their own pace, and pieced together by the continual bricks of optimism, hope and love. 



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