Jonathan Tan

Jonathan reminisces his early days in Percussion, “If I can ever go back in time to pick my instruments again, I will still pick the Marimba, Xylophone and drum set! I love playing all three instruments although I think the drum set might be my favourite.

I started with the Taiko drum when I was in Primary Four as part of the Percussion team in Pathlight School. Our teachers allowed us to explore different instruments and I just fell in love with those three. With The Purple Symphony, I play in the Percussion section, usually on the Marimba and Xylophone. But because of COVID-19, I cannot practise on these actual instruments now as they are too huge to store at home. So I have to make do with the Glockenspiel - which is smaller, a little different, but still fun!

I wish we can play together soon because I am always thrilled by the atmosphere of playing at a concert. It is a very happy, joyful and exciting experience for me to be part of a concert together with the other musicians of The Purple Symphony. So I’m counting down to the end of COVID-19!”



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